99% of the art for my Soft Play Area job needs to be created in Adobe Illustrator, as only Vectorised art can be blown-up to the sort of scale needed to decorate such large structures. The following art has all been created over the past two years, from almost no previous experience in using that program, so I’m especially proud of it

Big Ben themed – “Biff Bash” (a square punching bag)

The Artwork for this play area was an ‘Around The World Theme’ Here was a London scene I created that was designed to be spread over a dozen 1m x 2m drapes (approx)

This was for the Japanese Area

…as was this one


A surfing scene


Part of a large Fantasy Landscape scene


This Play Area was set in a Tank Museum, and I needed to create drapes that once wrapped around the structure, would make it look like a tank

One of the largest jobs we had recently was a dinosaur themed play area – I had the pleasure of designing several dinosaur characters, but I think the Raptors were my favourites

Because we have a relatively small work-force compared the large orders we receive, we sometimes have to buy images from Shutterstock, as I simply don’t have the time to create every last part. This still requires a fair amount of skill when it comes to pulling images apart and stitching them together. What you’re looking at here are two versions of the same stock image stitched together and edited (background trees, some clouds and sun were not part of the original) and all characters were designed by me

In this case, the background was stitched together from two different stock images to create a longer image – the gaps were filled in by jungle foliage of my own design and again, the characters. The trick with creating images this way is to use a style of illustration that matches the stock images, helping them to blend together

These Brachiosaurs heads poked out from the highest drapes in the structure

Butterflies designed from scratch by me – these will no doubt make it into many future project designs – where there’s Jungle, there’s bugs… and Jungle is a VERY popular theme for Children’s Play Areas

Another Vector Art technique is the Live Trace. This Play Area was superhero themed, and the customer wanted to use this particular image, which was a low res JPEG. I used a colour live trace for the colours and placement, but the image was just too messy to use as it was – I had to spend hours reshaping each individual coloured shape until it was as near as the original as I could make it – even creating brand new eyes, as they were completely lost in the Trace. I am really pleased with the finished result